Tuesday, July 05, 2005

and did i forget to mention that i've found a new direction and it leads back to me

I have to admit I got quite a laugh out of South
referring to Wankus as "Wankus Faith."
It sounds like an X-rated country & western singer.

4th of July night was lovely. I was in the computer room with Holly. All the windows were closed and the door was shut because the fireworks were scaring her. I wouldn't have cared except temps reached NINETY SIX yesterday. Color me sweaty and stinky.

Hmm, I THINK Female Offspring #1 was home the last four days. You just wouldn't know it by me. The first night I came home from work, it was literally "hello/goodbye I'm on my way out". I was in bed by the time she got home. Second night I came
home from work and her gf was here visiting.
As soon as she left, FO #1 went to visit her grandparents. I was in bed by the time she got home. The third night I was home a grand total of 15 minutes before friends called her to go out and see fireworks. I was, of course, in bed by the time she got home.
(I never realized what a fuckingly--that's a word, right?--boring life I lead. I work, I go to bed early. I work, I go to bed early.)
And tonight when I come home from work, she'll have already left for Pburgh. The longest conversation I had with her was when she called me at work as soon as she arrived on Saturday morning. Whoopee.

Takeru Kobayashi has once again won the 4th of July hot dog eating contest, downing 49 hotdogs in 12 minutes. I saw this "competition" last year on tv and it was truly gross.
The guys were vomiting and eating at the same time.
You gotta REALLY REALLY want to win badly to do that. I believe that one of the prizes he gets for winning this contest is a year's supply of hot dogs.
I love this. One of his competitors is known as the Black Widow on the competitive eating circuit. Who the hell knew there even WAS a competitive eating circuit?! Here at the
Casa de Goddess, we hold competitive eating events all the time. Only we refer to them as "breakfast," "lunch" and "dinner."

A Russian man donned women's clothing to take a college exam for his sister. He was busted (pun intended) after his big boobies gave him away. Yeah, cuz Lord knows the full mustache wouldn't have been a clue.

Inmates in a New Mexico jail who cause trouble have to eat "prison loaf."
It's an entire meal ground up, floured, baked and served in a bread like form.
Actually that sounds kinda yummy for us fans of dough.

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