Friday, June 03, 2005

you can take a road to take you to the stars now i can take a road that'll see me through

Is it WRONG to eat dog treats? And when I say "dog treats" I'm talking about the kind that are from PETCO, the cookie kind, not the fake bacon and cheese kind. I bought Holly treats that look just like those chocolate and vanilla cream duplex cookies AND some of those yummy carob chip cookies.
They met MY all important criteria:
1. They tasted DELISH!!
2. The didn't make me throw up.

I was listening to the soaps today and they had an advert for an entertainment program and the clip they ran was about Gilda Radner. They were delving into the all important story concerning possible alcohol addiction. What purpose could it possibly serve to bring this up now?

Did you read about the sex slave the cops pulled out of the trunk of a car in Germany? The police thought he was being kidnapped but he was really a willing sex slave "playing" with his mistress.
He was clad in only a thong and a collar, which seems to be par for the course for slaves.
Some Good Samaritan saw the woman putting him into the trunk and alerted police. This is exactly why I never put slaves in the trunk outside. Stupid Good Samaritans! I always put them in the trunk INSIDE the garage.

TRUE or FALSE: Do black men have the largest peni on average? We've all heard this. Myth or no? Just read an article that says it is NOT a myth. Black men had the largest peni on average,
then Caucasians and Asians have the smallest.
(Big surprise there. No wonder their porn is so damn violent.
All that peni angst.)

"I love to talk. My man tried to leave me once because
I talked too much. But I talked him out of it." Robin Montaque

Maxxx Beaver seems to be the only guy with
the BALLS to take on my question. He writes:
My dear Goddess...
Life is like a box of chocolates..Sometimes you get a cherry, other days a nut...oh, I'm off topic...shit.
Anyway, To answer your question...
Maxxx Beaver never makes the first move...I wait until the woman does...that way, I am 100% sure she is interested in me, before I hurt my hugely inflated ego.
For your information, A hugely inflated ego is a product of being surrounded by beautiful women all day...Unfortunately one comes to know that they are only around ya because they are working for you on your projects...
Oh well...Life of a bidnezman.
May the beaver be plentiful and your glass always full."

Alex and I were talking about a pic he sent me of a chick being hauled away by a bunch of cops and she's naked from the waist down. I said, "I've seen many eps of COPS where they bring the women in drunk off their asses and usually their asses are hanging out, right along with their cooch. I think as part of their alcohol DUI treatment, they should have to watch the image of them being hauled in like street trash over and over." I would be APPALLED if the cops dragged me in naked from the waist down. I would be so know, if they didn't take me up on my "offer."

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