Saturday, June 25, 2005

who is mike jones

Mr. G actually yelled this at me during a heated argument
the other day, "I think you take great
delight in putting the recyclable cans in with the burnables."
And he was really MAD when he said it.
I started laughing so hard, I just couldn't help myself.

And now a Yahoo headline: "Tests Confirm Second
Mad Cow Case in U.S." Perhaps the cow wasn't
so much "mad" as it was "peeved"? I mean what test
can unequivocally prove the extent of a cow's ire?
Speaking of Yahooo headliners, here's another:
"Cruise clashes with Lauer on "Today" Show."
Big deal. Cruise got "testy." Unless they're on the
floor duking it out, IT'S NOT NEWSWORTHY!!

I'm receiving many of the "15 minutes is enough
to make your night unforgettable" emails.
Hell, 5 minutes is all I need. I can spend it
chucking recyclable cans into the burnables...

Everybody sing, "O*R*E*O!"

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