Friday, June 17, 2005

she's come undone

Alex sent me the news story of a cop who was arrested for videotaping women stripping in exchange for dropping charges for traffic offenses against them. Hmm, seems like a fair exchange to me.

I got some hits from Iran today AND from the
United Nations office in Geneva!! That is totally wild.
If the folks in Iran don't get their hands CHOP! CHOP!
I hope they come back...

After reading Zal's page, I learned that Tom Cruise and whatsherface are engaged. Sorry, but I find the whole thing down right creepy.
He's too damn old for her.

I can't believe that twit Katie Couric is having a prime time interview with the runaway bride.
[I'm just shocked she hasn't turned up on Oprah.]
And Zal bitches about Tom and Katie being on the news?!
I think it's stupid their story made the headlines, too, but at least we know them for some accomplishment other than running away and acting like a child.
And THEN Katie says, "The interview is FASCINATING."
Yeah, like the lifespan of a tapeworm is FASCINATING.
What I really can't believe is that her fiancé is still with her. Somebody smack him upside the head with a clue by four already.

Don't believe that story about the Pope talking on his cell to some nun who is seriously ill during a general audience in St. Peter's Square. It was really some 'ho returning the Pope's previously placed call to her phone sex line.

On Oprah today they were talking about sexual molestation among family members. Two women on the show were sisters yet mother and daughter. The grandfather had gotten sister #1 pregnant and she had sister #2, who was also her daughter. How fucking sick is that? My heart went out to those women. The daughter has all sorts of health problems from this, and although the women were older (30's/40's), they both looked tremendously sad, as if their spirits had been broken by this creep.

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