Sunday, June 12, 2005

paint a rumor watch the color spread

Ya know what REALLY turns me on? I mean besides cops. When I'm right in the middle of giving Mr. G head and he reaches down and pulls me up onto his chest and starts French kissing me.
Hot diggity DAMN that makes me even hornIER.

Did you read about the 2 kittens who peed on their owner's fax machine in Tokyo and caused a fire that extensively damaged the house? Trust me, knowing what goes around comes around, I AM NOT LAUGHING ABOUT THIS!! Having an overactive Lab who eats everything from linoleum to plastic to MY WALLS, I am not about to joke about a pet causing a fire. Frankly I'm surprised she HASNT caused one by now.

So an 18 yr old girl gave birth in the passenger seat of a Benz doing 85 MPH as they tried to get her to the hospital. **yawn** It's not like she was DRIVING at the same time. And while giving birth is a serious thing, I want to know what kind of an IDIOT the husband was to risk killing her, the baby and himself in an attempt to get her to the hospital?! And NO, I'm not worried that if I make fun of these people that I'll end up birthin' this new baby in the passenger seat of a Benz going 85 MPH. I'm more of a SAAB chick.

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