Sunday, June 26, 2005

one lie tells a thousand stories

A German woman ALLEGEDLY left her small child behind after she fled as police tried to arrest her for shoplifting. Police accused her of "abandoning" the three month old while the security dude attempted to check her identification. This it total bullshit! No doubt the stress (or the excitement) of being hauled away by cops caused her to momentarily "forget" everything, including her child.
It's like when you take 15 offspring to the mall and only come back with 3. It can happen to ANYBODY, damn it!! It doesn't mean you're a "bad mom" and it certainly doesn't mean your application for the Mother of the Year contest should be tossed out then shredded and sent back as confetti!!

I see there is going to be a new channel for gays and lesbians, called Logo. Hmm, I thought the gay network was called home and garden tv?

I just want to go on record--after having to defend myself for the 900th time (898 times of which was to South)--and say that I CAN BE THE SOUL OF DISCRETION!! (And once in a while I AM!)
Contrary to popular belief I DO NOT BLAB EVERYTHING I KNOW!!
It just SEEMS like it because I talk about a lot of different topics. It's like I explained to Female Offspring #1 , who once said, "Mom, why is it that everybody SEEMS to know our business?"
I said, "Honey, it just SEEMS that way.....because they do."
But I CAN and DO keep secrets as evidenced by this emoticon shown HERE which you can't see cuz this is sucky Google.
And now for some examples. When I interviewed Mom South way back when, she told me Mike was a bedwetter until he turned 10. I've told NO ONE.
To this DAY I take that secret to the grave with me!
Even when I get PISSED OFF at people, I never reveal their secrets. As many times as South and I have verbally duked it out, have I EVER given out his passwords on the internet so people could see free bukkakes?! OK there was that ONE TIME when I "accidentally" posted it on 15 different forums,
OR how about the time South told me he had a crush on **insert the name of any Digital Playground contract girl except the one he doesn't like here**, I never told anyone. And "WHY" do you ask? (Because no one really cares? they answered.) Because I AM THE SOUL OF DISCRETION! As a matter of fact, I might just change my moniker from "Goddess of the Universe" to "Soul of Discretion".
But because he doubted me, the next time I get a few minutes,
I'm going to copy and paste EVERYTHING Zal
told me last night, INCLUDING how he
likes to wear women's underwear cuz he likes the way
the silk feels when it "caresses" his (shaved) balls....

I was chatting to someone about the difference between the COPS forum and the Young & the Restless forum. The COPS forum gets lively when sumdumchik gets on there posting about how she has sex with cops and they all love her and want to fuck her, blah blah. Some of them get downright vulgar (for a family oriented forum), but most of them are hilarious. Then everyone blasts said chick while she continues to try to "prove" she's telling the truth. One even came on and pretended to be the wife of an officer that frequents the board. Now THAT was hysterical. She said she needed $ for food and then asked another chick to be in a threesome with her and her "husband." Their command of the "English" "language"--usually a lack thereof--is always a dead giveaway.
The only way the Y & R forum gets heated is if someone makes a crack about one of the black people on the show and the black posters get all pissed off saying it's about race. UGH. I HATE that sort of shit. Who CARES what color skin they have? A bad actor is a bad actor is a bad actor, and we should be allowed to make fun of them regardless of the color of their skin!
**I will now step down off of my soap box...*trips *falls*

Happy Birthday to Maxxxxxxxx (a Million) Beaver.

Another hilarious comment from Mr. G: "Why don't you put return address labels on our bills? You know that drives me nuts!"

I see Renault has a new $6000 car on the market.
No more of those fancy, high priced $10K Kias for us.
My fav part of this is the fact that they consider "...a radio, power steering, and metallic paint" extras.

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