Monday, June 06, 2005

oh lord wont you buy me a mercedes benz

Goddess' Cute Cop O'The Week Award goes to:
Officer Orlando Benitez of Miami, Florida Police Department.

I'm just starting to work on another interview. I like the compiling questions part of the interview, it's just the nuts and bolts of putting it all together that gets kinda tedious. But I'm happy to be doing another one, cuz it's been a looong time since the last one, which I THINK was Mike's interview. Yes, this chick has done some porn, but this interview is going to have some interesting focus points, and I'm excited about. I'll let ya know when it's up.

Hmm, I was oogling my stats to see if the (sigh) dude from United Arab Emirates had returned--he hasn't--BUT I have a new dude(s) from BRUNI!! And I know who it is! It's that sultan that I mocked rather heavily last year or so. He was the twit who "imported" American 'ho's for his harem. Actually I was making fun of one of the chicks, who said she WASN'T a 'tute for doing that, because a "'tute is someone who stands on a street corner." If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it doesn't need to be in the water to be called a duck.

Speaking of geeses to pieces--great segue, huh?--I was on my way to work on Sunday morning and we have this cool little park in town that I pass along the way. The geese walk around the park and swim in the river and this mama goose was walking along the street just a few feet from where I passed by and her six little gooslings were waddling behind. Damn I wish I'd had my camera with me. It was the cutest sight because a goosling's fur stands out in all different directions, like they stuck their webbed foot in a light socket. Ok that might not be possible but you get the point.

Oh lord, guess who has shown up to be with Michael Jackson? No, not a
charming 10 year old boy that he slept with but hasn't seduced. It's none other than Rev Jesse Jackson.
Is anyone surprised by this?

There was a psychic convention type thingy at one of the local hotels--so you KNOW it was classy--this past weekend and I stopped in with a friend to browse. One chick was telling fortunes, and for a buck or two, she'd give you a quickie--and I don't mean the good kind. When it was my turn, she said, "An obstacle will appear in the next few weeks." I said, "I'm sorry, could you be a tad more vague?" Then I threw a couple more bucks on the table and said, "Here, this will help with starting a new job, cuz I predict you ain't gonna be doing this one very long." Oooooo, Madame Goddess sees all!!

I was watching a show on VH1 and they were interviewing kids from some of the shows we grew up with like Head of the Class and Who's the Boss, Family Ties and Full House. Jodi Sweeten, from Full House--she was the girl between the twins and that Candace chick--has turned into a very beautiful young woman. They interviewed the boy from Who's the Boss, Danny something, and he was talking about how the tabloids found out he was working at the Gap and started saying that he was broke and forced to work in the clothing store. He said, "No that wasn't true. I just wanted to work at The Gap." Don't we all, Danny? I mean, I know that when I become a famous writer, the first thing I'm gonna do is chuck it all and live out my lifelong dream of being a salesclerk at The Gap. OMG!! Maybe I'll shoot for the stars and work for FASHION BUG!! I can hardly wait to write a book about it. Also on the show, they mentioned that Robin Givens, who married again after the Tyson fiasco. Seems the marriage ended the same day the wedding took place. ON THE SAME DAY. I never knew that. Hell, I thought JLo was bad.

Ok, I've totally decided that I want Jenny McCarthy to play me in the upcoming Goddess of the Universe: The Movie. She's funny and she's beautiful. She'll be the perfect ME! Course she'll have to gain about 500 pounds, give or take a few hundred.

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