Saturday, June 25, 2005

no seriously. who IS mike jones

A hearty "hello" to all those people reading
my site from the Cocos (Keeling) Islands! [Wherever the hell they are...]
And all my Brunei people!

WOW. Now that I've read the tourism board's description of Cocos Islands, I WANNA GO THERE. The pics are gorgeous! Yes, yes I DO wish I could leave all the cares of the world behind! Hmm, maybe I'll convince Mr. G to drive me there. Oh wait. They're in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Australia.(WAAAY off.) We might not be able to drive all that way. Too lengthy a trip. OH! And they're right near CHRISTMAS ISLAND!! I always wanted to go there, too. It's nice to know that in leaving all their cares behind they're still reading my site.

Stat programs tell you the search string that brought people to your site. Some of my favorite search strings
this month, along with commentary:
"wife left me for a man her own age" the NERVE of her!
"stories+ papaya+masturbation" don't have a clue..
"bon appetite bukkake" ewwww
"dude shot himself" could we be a big more vague?
"guilty feet won't dance" cuz they got no rhythm
"wife wears vibrator at party" beats wearing a dress
"my wife likes to be passed around" lordy, don't we all?
"stalking your crush" don't DO it!! it will only end up with him telling you you were a LOUSY STALKER!! THE BASTARD!!
"sex+letereture" how 'bout "sex+spell checker"?
"what kind of wife wants dirty talking during lovemaking" ALL of 'em!
"man getting a handjob on stage" send me the addy of this place. I wanna go there…
"cocksucking nuns" so what else is new?
"strip scrabble game" strip SCRABBLE? there's strip SCRABBLE now?! why have I been playing it with my clothes on all this time?
"nope no anal" well that pretty much says it all

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