Sunday, June 19, 2005

i have forever always tried to stay clean and constantly baptized

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the fathers of all my offspring. Long may those support checks arrive. Oh, yeah and have a good day.

I can't begin to say how grateful I am
that when South sent me my "damn camera"
he included batteries and a charger. Hell, if a person had
to keep buying batteries for a digital camera, they'd go broke!

I heard on the "NEWS" (or lack thereof) that one thing that contributed to the stress the runaway bride when she took off for Splitsville was feeling was "the pressures of planning a wedding for 600 guests, and 28 bridesmaids and groomsmen". I have two questions: a. who the fuck put the gun to her head and forced her to have such a lavish, "for show" wedding? and b. if she can afford all that wedding bullshit why is it that she can't afford to pay the bill the city footed for her disappearing act?

Hmm, CNN listed the five most dangerous jobs for teenagers:
1. Agricultural field work
3. Groundskeeping and lawn services
4. Work involving tractors and all terrain vehicles
5. door to door selling
Odd. I thought surely prostitution and babysitting would have made the list.

On Y & R, a chick is just finding out this week that her dad's sperm was stolen and used to father another girl on the show. Even though her sibling and other family members all knew months ago, no one bothered to tell her. This prompted me to immediately email my sister and say, "Look. If anybody steals Daddy's sperm and impregnates themself, for God's sake, TELL ME!! Don't let me find out from a stranger!!"
To which she replied, "Finally got that bottle of wine opened, huh?"

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