Tuesday, June 14, 2005

hitchin' a ride

I'm on a "screw TV!!" rampage right now. I'm not watching Y&R OR Third Watch--scary, I know. I have a bad tendency to suddenly get sick of a show for no reason and that's what happened with Third Watch. Y & R is cuz of the sucky, totally unrealistic story lines right now. One concerns a drunk driving accident in which the wrong person is being accused of driving, and a third grader would have the smarts to say, "Hey, assholes, how 'bout checking things like the physical evidence, seat placement, and injuries consistent with being in the driver's seat? Especially since the person being accused of driving had only facial cuts and bruises, while the real driver had chest injuries that would be consistent with hitting the steering wheel on impact. But nooooooooooooo, this is Y & R. So they blame the guy solely on the fact that it was his vehicle
and he was the one that was drunk.
Of course, I'm still watching COPS, but ONLY if I've seen the repeat less than 10 times. I'm just not ready to give
up the boys in blue (and black and brown),damn it!!
And yes, I'll be watching and/or taping Reno 911 tonight.

As Michael Jackson "emerged from a central California courthouse on Monday, shaky and expressionless after his acquittal, the 46-year-old performer appeared more a victim of shell shock than a commanding King of Pop," so goes the story on Yahoo.
Well hell, no wonder. He's probably shocked his lawyers managed to find twelve people stupid enough to ignore what's staring them right in the face.

About 1:30 in the morning Holly started bitching a blue streak. Normally once she's in her crate, she's quiet, unless she's got the urge. Thinking she had to pee, I got her out of her crate and put her outside on her lead. A skunk or 'coon or some kind of animal was beside the house and she took a big leap and snapped her chain. This is like the fifth time she's done this, and it's NEVER at a convenient time. There I am in my shorty p.j.'s running through the yard, whispering really hard, "Holly COME!" She ran several places IN the yard, but thankfully didn't leave the yard. Unfortunately, for a wild mutt that's a lot of ground! I went back inside and waited for her to show up on the back porch, which is her usual stomping ground. Luckily it didn't take long and then she came right to me when I promised a treat. She was only running for about two minutes but it seemed like a life time to me cuz I'm afraid she's going to leave the yard. How the hell do you find a black Lab in the dead of night?! By the time it was over, she was panting like a horny sailor on leave and I was sweating like I should be on a spit with an apple on my mouth.

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