Friday, June 10, 2005

dont you wish your girlfriend was raw like me

Someone sent me an email stating that they had linked to my site and they wanted me to link back. They included the name of their site, along with what I felt was an endorsement of a book they're selling that they wanted me to include with their link. I emailed back and said I'd be glad to link, but I wasn't endorsing any book I hadn't read. (A small sticking point with me, but if I endorse something on my site, you know I honestly like it/believe in it.) Dude emailed back and said that he would pay for shipping and give me an autographed copy IF I bought the book. Well, wasn't THAT generous. He had no idea how much of a nerve he touched there. But I restrained myself. I simply told him that we'd compromise. I'd link back to his site, but I wasn't endorsing the book, and that my days of buying product to review are O-VER.

If I buy something and I love it, I'll share that but I am NOT, REPEAT NOT, buying something and pimping it to benefit others when I know full well that they regularly send out product for free to be reviewed. I went this route with that farking Erotica Writers site and I'll never do it again. I was doing the column for free--this was before I had my own site. They received free products all the time but when I emailed and asked them to forward some to me so I wouldn't have to spend MY MONEY to get them hits on THEIR website, they refused saying it wasn't their job to send me stuff. FUCK THEM. I quit immediately. That was also right about the time I promised myself I wasn't accepting writing jobs in exchange for a link back or "exposure." I've had so much damn exposure it's a wonder I don't have frostbite on 90% of my body by now, and it's gotten me nowhere fast. People don't ask their lawyers to work for free, why should writers be any different?

Goddess' Cute Cop O'The Week Award goes to: Officer Jim Scott from the North Little Rock Arkansas Police Department.
Can you kids say "strip search"?

On one of the Y & R forums I post on, a chick started at topic that generated 170+ responses, the most ever for a topic. Unfortunately, it's about race, which of course, upsets a lot of people. I stayed totally out of this one because you can see you won't win either way. Somebody will be pissed no matter what you say. The chicks keep right on posting to it, saying that they wish it would go away. NOW they're saying they wish the moderator would step in and "do something." Now I'm not rocket scientist, but here's an idea: STOP FUCKING POSTING TO THE DAMN THING and IT WILL END.

One more reason I HATE "There's Something about Mary" (aside from the fact that's it's a sophomoric movie): ONCE AGAIN FX ran it in place of COPS eps.

Have you seen the ads for the new Pauly Shore show, "Minding The Store"? The first thing they say is, "He's a star." Yeah, Pauly Shore was a "star" the way Kato Kalin was a "star".

I was reading a romance novel by Penny Jordan, whose books I usally love. But she had a plot premise supported by flimsy plot twists that made me want to hurl. Unfortunately I was at work and had nothing else to read or I would have hurled the book across the room. In the beginning of the book, when the heroine met the hero, she was pretending to come on to him to see if he would cheat on his gf. Unfortunately she came on to the wrong man and he turned out to be her new boss.
Flimsy plot twist #1: the heroine and the woman who thought her man was cheating were very close friends and yet the heroine had
never met the fiancé. Brutha please.
Flimsy plot twist #2: gf tells her best friend to just look for "the most handsome man in the bar", who would be wearing a blue shirt. Evidently gf has never heard of "pictures." Natch the heroine comes on to the WRONG MAN. That plot twist is flimsier than most of Paris Hilton's clothes.
Flimsy plot premise that majorly pissed me: Since she tried to come on to him in the bar, her boss is now convinced she's a pro 'ho. Every farking chapter until the VERY END PAGES would have a convo (or two or THREE) like this:
Hero: "Don't act innocent. I know exactly what you are."
Heroine: "I'm not a--"
Hero: "Stop! I don't want to hear your lies."
What really puckered my ass was that he forced her to pretend to be his fiancee, fly to Greece with him to meet his grandfather and family or else he would ruin her in the business world ALL based on this stupid misconception that she never had the cojones to correct. This is EXACTLY the stupid shit they tell new writers NOT to do, and yet the established writes get away with it.

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