Saturday, June 11, 2005


My heart goes out to the parents of Natalee Holloway, the Alabama student who is missing in Aruba. You just know that things are not going to turn out well in that situation.

(1 p.m.) I bought Holly a huge ass bag of Old Roy Peanut Butter cookie treats. They're shaped like Nutter Butter cookies, but I find that bought PB treats for dogs taste nothing like peanut butter. At least, you know, that's what the dogs tell me. (And I say this cuz you can get recipes for pb dog treats online that you can bake yourself. I made a batch for Holly but ended up adding about two more cups of PB cuz they tasted like flour.BTW, I was finished doctoring the recipe we LOVED them! I mean SHE loved them.) Anywho, Holly totally turned her nose up at them and it's like a five pound bag. I was telling Mr. G that she totally dissmissed them and he said, "Well maybe you'll eat them." Ha ha ha ha h a. You eat one or two (or 15) dog treats and all of a sudden people act like you eat them on a regular basis. OK I'm off to munch on a Milk Bone.

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