Wednesday, June 15, 2005

ain't no cure for the summertime blues

Today was the USED BOOKSALE!! YIPPEE!! I got soooooo many great romance novels and other books I've been wanting to read,
and all for a STEAL of a price!
YAY! Let the reading begin!!

Say what you will, I think its incredibly WEIRD when
a complete stranger (male) says, "Nice toe nail polish." Because now I know that he knows that I know that he has a foot fetish.
I mean RED IS RED, people!

Speaking of toe nails, where oh where is my houseboy/poolboy/gardner (even though we don't have a house, pool or a garden & he's not a boy) Manuel?
He told me he needed to visit his poor, sick mother in Meeheco
two weeks ago and he hasn't returned. That ungrateful...illegal!
Next time he calls here, I'm giving him an ultimatum: either you slap that old woman in a home and come kiss my ass pronto, Mexicano, or you'll be standing in the illegal alien unemployment line, which can be found in all 52 states.
I need him to polish my toe nails!! I hate doing it myself.
I can never get it straight, especially on the little piggy that cried wee wee wee all the way home.

I noticed I'm getting a lot more readers going right to my journal page. YAY! AND you guys are graciously coming back for more!! Talk about your gluttons for punishment.

Michael Jackson's lawyer said "he's [Michael] not going to do that [let little boys sleep in his bed]..."
Well, at least, not in a way that we'll ever find out about it.

I was zipping around the web yesterday and
I noticed an ad that said "what is your car worth?"
I decided to check it out and find out exactly what my '97 Kia Sephia is worth. Turns out that if I decided to trade my car in at the dealership were I to buy a new one, I'd owe the dealership money just to take it off my hands.

Great. Now they're talking about raising the retirement age to 69.
We'll all be going to work with friggin' walkers by the time the gubment gets finished with us.

In chat last night, Keith said: "you're not over south"
OH! OH! I am over him a
bridge over troubled water over him!"
Gawd, I hate it when I come up empty like that.

BTW, I really enjoy getting emails, but it would help if they made sense. Thanks. And if you plan on sending one that
DOESN'T make sense,(Hi, Brady)I'd appreciate
an explanation within the email so I have some clue. Thanks!

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