Friday, June 24, 2005

101 days that made me older

I'm reading a romance novel and here's the conversation while they're having sex:
Her: "Magic. You were always like magic."
Him: "Not me. You. You're like a spirit who will appear or disappear at will. I'm never sure if you actually exist or if you're a moment's fantasy."
Here's the conversation Mr. G and I have while we're having sex:
Me: "Oh...oh...oh...oooooh...
Mr. G's conversation during sex: " yeeeeah suck my cock."

(1:30 p.m.) Tim Case writes : "speaking of music videos...
how about that jessica simpson clip for "these boots
are made for walkin"? Holy shit!"
I haven't seen that one yet. Ya know VH1 & MTV2 only show about one hour of music vids a day. If ya blink, ya miss it all.
BTW, it's good to see you're updating again!

(11:30 a.m.) I'm so excited and I just can't fight it!
Well it's official and congratulations are DEFINITELY in order.
My tomato plants are PREGNANT! This is the first time they've gotten pregnant ON TIME. Last year I recevied my topsy turvey planters too late, so they didn't get pregnant until August which meant hard green tomatoes in September that I had to toss away. The year before in the ground planters they hated each other so much they refused to fuck, no matter how much I coaxed them.
But THIS time...THIS time..oh gawd,
I'm tearing up.

(10 a.m.) It's a beautiful day in Pennsylvania!!

The more I think about it the Backstreet BOYS might want to change their name now. Anything that would distance them from a boy band might be a good idea. Anything that would distance them from the U.S. airwaves would be an even better idea.

Concerning my comment about Kelly Osburne's latest video showing her walking down hallways looking very intent, Zal writes: "Kelly was intently looking at the craft services table at the end of that hallway..." Since he never fails to make me laugh, I think it's time to bestow a smiley on Zal. And since he always uses the *thud* thing, the thud one it is .

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